Company Profile

Every car owner goes through the pains of servicing their cars through conventional garages. Whether it is an authorized dealership, a multi-brand work station or your neighborhood garage, a car owner has to take out time and visit their preferred service provider. While the actual time spent on servicing a car maybe less than two hours, a car owner loses a whole day in getting their car serviced. Plus, none of the garages allow car owners to enter the service bay to check their car while it gets serviced. Not knowing whether parts are actually changed and the hassle of waiting in queues. Such practices only increase the trust deficit and magnify the promise-performance gap leading to unhappy car owners led to the creation of car1stop.


The Car1stop is changing this situation by bringing the service station to your doorstep. A convenient, hassle-free way of getting your car serviced with full assurance on parts and no hidden charges. When you book a service with us, our team visits your place (home or office) with high end equipment, genuine spare parts and fluids to service your car. We take the car for a 25 point check to diagnose any drivability issues and visually inspect the car for damage. We service the car as per manufacturer recommended guidelines incorporating best practices based on individual driving patterns. Finally, we ensure that the car is germ free from the inside and shining from the outside to make the car feel as good as new. Try the Car1stop, take a seat and see all the action in front of your eyes!


As we have automobile Service background of 8+ years in different positions by understanding the basic customer needs. Our aim is customized service for every car owner and our team provides personalized care that increases engine longevity and enhances driving pleasure. We thrive on customer satisfaction and provide a seamless experience to every car owner.

Our Team:

Our service team consists of graduates from top automobile engineering schools, having 5 + years of experience in automobile servicing and repair industry.

We make them go through a rigorous process of selection, training, and skill enhancement and only when they pass they are out for servicing our customer requests.

We invest a lot of time in skill enhancement and behavior profiling so that when they engage with you for your request fulfillment you get the best customer experience as opposed to normal showrooms and local garages.